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Intel plans to serve the cloud for graphics performance

Intel plans to serve the cloud for graphics performance

Cloud services are now becoming a common feature in everyday life, expanding the usage space for photos and files of various types. Cloud-based services of various types are especially useful for using devices that are not available on a local machine, whether they are expanded storage or cloud-based databases.

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One example is cloud-based gaming services, which allow playing hardware-demanding games even on the simplest devices. Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia Geforce Now, and Google Stadia offer subscriptions where the game is played on devices in their computer rooms and broadcast to the user. Now Intel is in the game too Project End Gamewhich will deliver performance from an Arc graphics card through the cloud.

Project Endgame will enable users to access Intel Arc GPUs through a service for an always accessible, low-latency computing experience. Project Endgame will be available later this year.

Intel presented the initiative during last week’s investor meeting. At the moment, it seems nothing more than promising users graphics performance and low latency, and that he plans to release it later this year. Since graphics cards in the Arc “Alchemist” family are geared toward gaming, Project Endgame could include Nvidia’s Geforce Now-style gaming service, where users can rent Geforce RTX 3080-equivalent performance through their cloud gaming sessions.

Although the name “Endgame” brings to mind gaming, it is possible that the service is aimed at more than just entertainment. Intel doesn’t explicitly mention games either the games And the Other theories Includes rental of graphics performance for coding services or metaverseRelated services.

Interested in “renting” an Arc graphics card via the cloud?

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