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Rykte: Apples nya M2-chip lanseras i år

Fame: Apple’s new M2 chip will be launched this year

News about Apple’s new M2 chip is expected at the launch of the first Apple product in March. With the new Apple Silicon M2 chip, Apple will take a step closer to achieving self-sufficiency in its own chips and reducing reliance on Intel chips.

As with all versions of Apple products, speculation is rife about what the company will release next for the products. What is certain is that new products will appear during the year, Bloomberg reports.

Rumors of new products with the M2 chip relate to the Macbook Pro (13-inch), Mac mini, iMac and Macbook Air. The products most likely to be updated at the event in March are the oldest with Apple Silicon technology, the Macbook Pro and Mac mini.

The new M2 chip

It is likely that Apple will invest in more powerful processors and the same eight-core architecture. You can also expect the graphics to get a boost, from seven or eight cores to nine or ten.

The M2 chip will also be released in a professional model, but it will likely not be released until 2023 with the new M3 chipset.

Apple Silicon is a success story

The investment in Apple Silicon began when the company saw how it was losing PC sales to iPhones and iPads. They decided to develop their own chips and free themselves from the chip maker Intel. When the chip was introduced in 2020, it proved to be a very successful strategy for Apple.

If you look at the numbers, the revenue from computer sales is strong evidence of that. In 2021, sales were $35 billion annually, compared to sales of $21-28 billion annually between 2011-2020. The numbers are higher than those for the iPad, for example.

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