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Spain lifts ban on UK flights next week | Economy

The cabinet on Tuesday agreed to lift restrictions on flights from the United Kingdom, which will take effect from the end of December to prevent the arrival of the British variant of the corona virus, but Brazil and South Africa, which maintain operations in the same sense imposed from the planes.

As explained by Finance Minister and Government Spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero, only the restrictions on flights to South Africa and Brazil have been extended, while the situation in the United Kingdom can be “normalized”. In the Schengen area. These measures were taken to detect a negative PCR 72 hours prior to travel.

The move opens the door to the arrival of British citizens, but not tourists, at least for now. London still maintains a ban on leaving the country for leisure, effective until May 17, and actually plans to raise awareness in compliance with the move. Under a new law drafted by the British government, UK residents on holiday abroad will face a fine of up to 5,000 5,000 (, 5,789) from next week, which will be put to a vote in Parliament on Thursday.

This was pointed out by British Health Minister Matt Hancock on Tuesday, as a new wave of infections is likely to come to this country from Europe, which recorded the lowest number of daily deaths from the virus on Monday, 17, last September.

The new law, which tightens restrictions on the spread of Covit-19, imposes huge fines on those who do not have a compelling reason to leave the country – something that is not really allowed since January – and, on Thursday, will take effect next Monday.

Despite the United Kingdom maintaining a low number of infections and daily deaths from the virus thanks to its vaccination program, positives are on the rise in other European countries, which has alarmed British authorities.

Initially, the route map described by Boris Johnson administrator was considered to allow quicker non-essential travel from May 17 to proceed with the expansion. However, according to a draft law released by the local media today, it is illegal to leave the country until June 30 without a “reasonable excuse” such as work or education.

People traveling from the UK to another part of the UK with the intention of leaving the country or going to the airport for that purpose will also be fined.

Speaking to the “Sky News” channel, Hancock said the government executive committee for the trip would review arrangements for the trip abroad and report back on April 12. He pointed out that the government’s plan for the expansion was “an early date of May 17 to allow international travel without one of the obvious reasons needed now.”

He said it had not “changed” even though it was “too soon” to know what the final outcome would be for the holidays abroad as epidemics were on the rise across Europe. “The reason is that we are seeing this third wave increase in some parts of Europe, and we are seeing new varieties,” Hancock explained.