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Source: Russia disrupted the Defense Minister’s plan  the world

Source: Russia disrupted the Defense Minister’s plan the world

On Thursday, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps returned home from Poland on a government plane.

As the plane was flying near Russia's Kaliningrad region in the Baltic region, the GPS signal was cut off for about 30 minutes.

The plane was then forced to use alternative methods to determine its location and mobile phones were no longer able to connect to the Internet.

According to British authority sources, Russia is believed to be behind the unrest, Reuters reported.

The British Ministry of Defense did not comment on these data.

Several mysterious disturbances on the Russian border

Recently, there have been daily and recurring outages in GPS signals along NATO's eastern border with Russia. Newsweek magazine has previously reported about this.

The unrest is described as “mysterious” and is said to have been centered around sensitive and strategic locations, prompting Western governments, transport authorities and militaries to sound the alarm.

Russia's Kaliningrad region, located on the Baltic Sea coast between Lithuania and Poland, has been chosen as a center for such activity, according to Newsweek.

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