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Orban's anger at Biden |  the world

Orban's anger at Biden | the world

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry summoned the American ambassador

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Joe Biden's actions upset Hungary

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– (Orban) has clearly shown that he does not believe democracy works and is seeking dictatorship, Biden said at a campaign rally on Friday.

At the same time, potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hosted the Hungarian prime minister at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

Relations between Washington and Budapest have been strained recently due to Hungary's opposition to Sweden's membership in NATO, the Hungarian government's contacts with Moscow, and accusations of undermining Hungarian democracy.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó responded angrily:

– The Foreign Minister said in a press conference following his meeting with the American ambassador: – We should not tolerate such lies from anyone, even if the person in question is the President of the United States.

Szijjarto asked the American envoy to show the quote from Orban that Biden referred to.

“It is clear that (Prime Minister Orbán) did not make any such statement, so we could not get a meaningful answer,” Hungary's foreign minister said.

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