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Sony patents the side panels for the PlayStation 5

Sony patents the side panels for the PlayStation 5

When Sony launched Playstation 5, not everyone was completely satisfied with the color scheme chosen, which turns out to be a matte white combined with a high-gloss black section. However, it didn’t take long before it was discovered that the side panel could be replaced with exterior panels of a different color without any major inconvenience.

► Sony forces Dbrand to stop selling PS5 sideboards – releases new consoles

Among the options is Dbrands with its own Darkplates, which Sony tried to force to halt all sales. The experiment didn’t really give the results Sony was looking for, as Dbrands released just hours after removing the first version entirely, Sonic released a new one. One thing that was noted, however, was that Sony seemed to lack an actual patent to support its claims, something that now appears to be changing.

Sony recently made Patent approved Described as “the decorative side pieces of an electronic device”. It is not specified in the text that it applies to Playstation 5, since the graphs show side panels whose design cannot be confused with other company devices. However, they don’t have to be complete panels, but can be some kind of casing or cover plate that doesn’t mean the original has to be replaced.

It’s possible that Sony will have plans to release official panels in other colors, something they Already done with manual controls. It was also speculated that this was the underlying cause of the conflict with Dbrand. It remains to be seen if this means that conflict erupts again.

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Want formal side panels in new colors?