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Ferrari launches its third Icona: The Daytona SP3 has the most powerful V12 engine ever - again

Ferrari launches its third Icona: The Daytona SP3 has the most powerful V12 engine ever – again

Ferrari Daytona SP3 is the latest car in the brand’s Icona series. Unlike other recently released models of the brand, it doesn’t have an ounce of electricity. Instead, an 840-horsepower V12 without overcharging is vacuumed behind the driver.

Work in advance – party in the back. A bit like a hockey ball, the new Ferrari Daytona SP3 has two sides. While the new Special Model’s nose has a modern touch, the rear and side profiles are clearly inspired by old mid-engine classics—particularly race cars like the 330 P3/P4, 512 S and 350 Can-Am, according to Ferrari themselves.

Just like previous Icona models Monza SP1 and SP2 (Who, among other things, hit Zlatan) It is powered by the new worst Ferrari F140 V12 large 6.5 liter which is otherwise found in a ‘dozen’ 812 Ultrafast And 812 competition.

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 has a compact, active rear spoiler that spans its entire width. can you see it (Click for a larger picture)

honor car The burner sharpening in the Daytona SP3 was increased to 840 hp at 9250 rpm and 697 Nm at 7250 rpm. Like previous versions, the F140HC’s engine can howl at 9,500 rpm, but it appears that 30 horses more than Monza SP’s F140GC costs 22 Nm at the expense of torque.

Regardless, it’s the most powerful Ferrari V12 ever (a title the F140 actually holds). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.85 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 7.4 seconds. The maximum speed should be “more than” 340 km / h.

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There is no infotainment screen here. Alternatively, it is possible to control over 80 percent of the car’s functions using the steering wheel buttons.

If all this makes you Unfortunately, we have bad news: 599 Ferrari Daytona SP3s to be built have already been sold, priced at 2 million euros (just over 20 million kroner) each.

According to Ferrari’s director of marketing and sales, Enrico Galliera, all 499 Monza SP buyers chose to strike in Daytona SP3 as well. According to him, the remaining 100 cars must have been intercepted by a “select group” of Ferrari collectors, according to reports. Europe Car News.

Unlike the Monza SP1 / 2 extreme, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 has a windshield.

Shell chairs cannot be moved easily. Alternatively, the car pedal holder can be adjusted lengthwise.

Production of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 will begin at the end of 2022. The 599th car will be launched two years later.

I think we’ll soon see Zlatan in town in the Ferrari Daytona SP3!

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