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Duckduckgo blocks tracking attempts on Android

Duckduckgo blocks tracking attempts on Android

Earlier this year, Apple updated its iOS mobile operating system with more privacy settings regarding data collection and tracking. Users are asked if they want to allow apps to track them and they can also choose to block data collection completely or partially. Some apps get around the protection, but it counts nonetheless The cost of social platforms is equivalent to 85 billion Swedish kronor since its introduction.

Google Android doesn’t have an equivalent at the moment, despite Google’s promise to do so Better and clearer information about data collection. Duckduckgo is now taking this into their own hands with a new beta version of their mobile app where it’s included Prevent third party tracking I’m Android.

Some data may need to be collected in the apps in order to function properly. However, it is common for apps to include third-party tracking where data is passed to someone other than the app developer. This could be, for example, Facebook, Google, or advertising companies who then use the data to personalize and target marketing and advertising.

DuckDuckGo will detect when your Android apps are about to send data to the third-party trackers in our app tracking data collection, and block those requests. We’re constantly working on identifying and protecting against new trackers, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the latest protection.

According to Duckduckgo, their app stops third-party tracking by detecting when apps try to forward collected data. If the receiving server matches any of the representatives listed in the Duckduckgo database, the call will be blocked and blocked. It is therefore limited to what Duckduckgo has had time to determine at the moment, something they intend to continue working on to expand their protection. Tracking protection works when apps are actively used and in the background and users can then see summaries of what has been blocked and why.

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Duckduckgo’s App Tracking Protection costs nothing but it’s still in beta. Hence, interested users need to sign up for a queue to access the feature at this time. They have also excluded a number of apps that won’t work if all tracking is blocked.

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