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Sony is expanding the color palette for the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense console

Sony is expanding the color palette for the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense console

In the past year, data for the next generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony was greeted so closely as the previous company lifted the lid on both the specs and the looks of the Xbox Series X early in March. The Playstation 5 specifications were introduced shortly thereafter, but Sony waited until June to introduce the product – a black and white story which, according to the accompanying series of comments, is a turning point.

The Dualsense controller follows the same aesthetic, but for those who prefer a different color palette, Sony is now revealing the control in alternate colors: black and red. New additions keep control levers, EffectsThe buttons and bottom are the original black, resulting in a solid black and a red-black variant, with the new color crosshair buttons and bristles.

However, no changes are implemented under the cover, and the Dualsense controller review number, which is extensive haptic feedback, remains. In regards to revealing the new colors, Sony is publishing short interviews with several game developers, with Haptic feedback plans for developers And the center.

Among those surveyed is Ratchet & Clank’s Insomniac Game Developer: Rift Apart, who promises that small details like vibrations when picking up objects will accompany an even stronger feel during steps and explosions. Unknown Worlds, which works with the latest title Subnautica: Below Zero, explains that lamp switches and drilling tools can be felt through the controller, and that the vibrations help the player navigate properly in the search for resources.

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The two new colors are on display in stores in June, and prices should fall on the same level as the white variants available now, which are available at 650-800 SEK. It remains to be seen if the gaming console will also have alternative colors in the future.

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