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Xbox developers get tools for Fidelity FX Super Resolution

Xbox developers get tools for Fidelity FX Super Resolution

One big news this week is AMD’s launch of an upgrade function called the cumbersome Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR), which, like Nvidia’s DLSS, aims to increase frame rate with minimal loss in image quality. This need is highlighted as graphics cards have quirky performance to handle 4K UHD and eye candy ray tracing, but possibly without reaching the 60fps limit or higher.

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AMD’s new additions differ significantly from their Nvidia counterparts in some ways, and one such addition is that neither machine learning nor special hardware is required, which is why hardware support is much broader than DLSS. This technology is unsurprisingly well optimized for the new family of RDNA-based graphics found in both the Radeon RX 6000 cards as well as the Sony Playstation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series X/S. It is now clear that at least the last duo will get FSR games in the right time.

When AMD presented the technology to the media before the launch of the FSR, the question was asked whether it was waiting for consoles. The company then referred to Sony, Microsoft, and now Xbox employee Jason Ronald who wrote via Twitter that FSR is available as a pre-release version in the developer pack for Windows, Xbox Series and legacy Xbox One. This indicates that higher frame rates while maintaining graphics quality is likely to appear in many titles on the latest generation of consoles, but may also appear in the most recent games that debuted on Xbox One.

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However, the FSR version should not be viewed as a guarantee that higher frame rate settings will appear in all games, in part because a clear effect can be discerned when higher frame rates are desired. Game developers’ upscaling techniques tailored to specific hardware are already doing a good job, and there is some uncertainty ahead as AMD is ready to improve and completely reshape FSR if the need or benefits become apparent. It remains to be seen if Playstation 5 will also get the new feature.

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