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Sony Inzone H9 – The Sci-fi speaker hits the spot

Sony Inzone H9 – The Sci-fi speaker hits the spot

As one of the world’s largest and most diversified electronics manufacturers, Sony needs no further introduction. But as a gaming headset supplier, it is brand new.

The Sony Inzone H9 is the top model in the new Inzone sub-brand, which currently includes gaming headsets and monitors in its range. It is also the most expensive headset in the test. So the expectations are high.

Science fiction look

In terms of design, expectations are met immediately. Instead of giving the world another black headset for 30-year-old boys, Sony opted for a retro-futuristic design that evokes associations with the EVE robot in a Pixar movie Wall-E. The ear cups are grey-white and quite rounded, and the same goes for the headband. And with the jet black earpads and headband lining, they almost seem to be floating in the air. Tight rings of white LED light complete the sci-fi feel. The microphone is located on a flexible but fairly rigid microphone arm, which can be raised.

The Sony Inzone H9 has automatic noise reduction, something we’ve only seen in a few gaming headsets, and they’re all on the more expensive end – for example Beoplay PC Portal And Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless.

Like most others, the headset has a USB adapter for lag-free audio transmission on the 2.4GHz band. It also has Bluetooth for mobile gaming.

Sony is a newcomer to the PC gaming scene. But what a start! (photo: Sony)

The app actually works!

The Sony Inzone control software differs from most of the others in the test by being sleek, comprehensive, and working as intended. Most competitors have to settle for one or two things. In addition to the almost obligatory 10-band equalizer and virtual surround sound, the program has a function that adapts the sound to the listener’s ears.

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This is done via a mobile app (iOS and Android), which scans the shape of the ears using the mobile phone’s camera. The app guides you step by step on how to hold the phone for an ear examination. The instructions are in English and easy to follow.

Finally, the program has a dynamic amplifier, which in two steps increases the dynamics of the sound. Seems like a silly idea, but it works great!

Great sound

The hi-fi brand with over 75 years of experience should know about sound quality. So did Sony! The sound is present, really clean and dynamic. The Dynamics Booster gives explosions and shots extra momentum. But even with all the subtleties turned off and in neutral mode, the Inzone H9 classes better than most in the test.

Noise reduction is an added luxury that gives you peace and focus at the press of a button – and sound from your surroundings at the press of another. Noise reduction does not affect the sound to any extent that can be felt in practice. However, Sony must have a small point in the rating book for ANC that adds a clearly audible whisper in the background.


Sony is the upstart in gaming headsets, but what a head start! The Inzone H9 succeeds on almost every point: the sound is attractive and clear, the control software is top-of-the-line on the launchpad, and even the headset looks really nice and elegant. Noise reduction is an added bonus to an already full Diploma. Although it should be possible to mitigate the inherent noise.

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