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Galaxy AI is coming to the Galaxy Watch – here are the new features

Galaxy AI is coming to the Galaxy Watch – here are the new features

Coming in update

The new Galaxy Watch series will receive a series of new functions based on artificial intelligence. It's about overall health, better sleep analysis, and personalized training programs.

Samsung confirms several new AI-based functions for smartwatches and at the same time promises to add more.

The bottom line when expanding Galaxy AI from what was launched with the release of the S24 series earlier this year is that the Samsung Health app is now loaded with Galaxy AI. This, Samsung promises, means a more personalized user experience. The improvements this brings should influence both the pure measurement and conclusions and therefore the improvements in your well-being and health that it can lead to. In interviews with senior Samsung representatives and experts, Mobile has already confirmed that health, exercise and wearables are an area where the company sees great opportunities to use artificial intelligence. Now, Samsung is revealing a series of new features that it claims are powered by upcoming new features:

Four news

    1. Better sleep analysis and insights

An improved algorithm for analyzing your sleep should give a more accurate and detailed picture of how you sleep. This is achieved, among other things, by including more metrics, such as body movement during sleep, heart rate and breathing.

    2. General health status, weighted by further measurement data

Using the so-called energy score, you can get a comprehensive picture based on bedtime, regularity of going to bed and bedtime, as well as other health indicators collected by the watch.

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Samsung Health can guide you and give you motivation related to the personal health goals you have set.

    4. Customized training programs

Personally adapted extended pulse zones suitable for running and cycling have been added, and with the training routine, you can combine several different forms of training in a combined training session. Using the Race function, you can compete against yourself if you run or bike the same route as you did in a previous training session.

The new features will be present on upcoming Galaxy Watch devices, which are therefore not official yet. A limited number of Watch users will be able to access the functionality in the beta during June, but with the update to One UI 6 Watch coming “later this year” the functionality will become available to more people.

Samsung is currently not mentioning anything about the possibility that these and future AI functions will benefit current watches as well. From the information released now, the AI ​​is mainly active in the Samsung Health app on the phone and not primarily in the actual watches.

Samsung is rumored to launch the Galaxy Watch 7 series alongside the Galaxy Ring and the foldable phones Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 in Paris on July 10.