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England got 95% of satellite stories |  X3M

England got 95% of satellite stories | X3M

Photo: Elle/Katarina Salo

Oulu's Indie Pride Satellite Stories have traveled to the studio in England with a finished album. They thought. When they came out, 95% of them were gone.

The reason is called Simon Barnicoat. He's worked with Coldplay, Kasabian, Editors… and now Satellite Stories.

-Barney was a real whip. “This and that we have to bring back,” he said. “I thought the album was finished when we went into the studio, and then when we left there was only five percent of the old stuff left,” says guitarist Marko Häkkinen.

This is the first time the band has received help from an outside producer.

– We have made previous records at our home in Oulu, but now there is a limit to what we can do ourselves, says singer Esa Mannkinen.

He experienced first-hand Barnicoat's ruthless desire for experimentation.

-We recorded for six weeks on a farm near Kent. I was sitting in a room next to the studio one day when he came over and asked me if I could play the cello.

Issa's experiences were in the “I saw a violin in a picture” category. This would change.

– He put the cello in my hand and I had to start practicing, says Issa.

Just to make sure no one gets it wrong: the guys apparently loved working like crazy with Simon Barnicoat.

-He was so creative! “He came in with completely new ears and could hear the best in every song and knew how we were going to bring that out,” says Issa.

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However, it took some time for the band to fully understand this point. Satellite stories were simply taught what new satellite stories look like.

– When we got out of the studio, the recording sounded weird. It took two or three months before she started to like him. It was the same with the new single “The trap”. “Is this good or not?”, we thought, says Marco.

At least, it doesn't have much to do with Coldplay, despite the producer's impressive resume.

– Or wait. Initially, the line of text “Find the stars” was included, but we had to change it. Lots of Chris Martin, haha.

The new trap song: