Michael Tiger. Photo: Bar Sandel

Michael Tiger also states that the resources available today are not sufficient.

– We adapted to the pressure of research 20 years ago, when people were ashamed to seek treatment for mental illness. Today that is not the case, in the same way. But today research pressure is high and resources have not increased. He says on the podcast that there is always a shortage of psychiatrists.

Mikael Tyger is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Karolinska Institutet and Chief Physician at the Specialized Psychiatric Clinic 2, Psychiatry Nora Stockholm. He also teaches psychiatry in the medical program and is medical editor for Psychiatry at Lakartedningen.

He is currently researching the effect of psilocybin against depression, how SSRIs work, and how to deliver electrotherapy in the best way possible.

Mikael Tiger believes that clinical work experience “is of great importance” when participating in research.

-Partly, there is a lot that motivates me. The end product, I want it to be something that helps my patients, he continues.

– But then I also receive questions from the clinic quite often. And the feeling gets us what is important, what we need to look for.

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