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So, the luxury yacht started to burn in Torquay

So, the luxury yacht started to burn in Torquay

On Saturday, a 26-meter luxury yacht “Rendezvous” suddenly caught fire in the port of Torquay in the county of Devon in England.

When the ship, costing SEK 74 million, was loaded with 8,000 liters of diesel, large parts of the port had to be closed during the five hours the fire lasted.

Police have not yet shared any explanation for the fire, but now The Sun has spoken to a source who has stated that the fire may have started on the electronic board that the yacht’s owner had installed near the ship’s diesel shipment.

“Car Dealer Type”

The source also provides some clarity on the question of who is the actual owner of the yacht.

– He’s a Del Boy car dealer, and he’s very private. The source told the newspaper that he had recently installed a backlit electronic panel near the fuel.

The “Del Boy” the source is referring to is a British TV character from the comedy series “Only Fools and Horses” known for his massive business plans that often fail.

The theory of the cause of the fire is also supported by another boat owner in the harbor who knows who the owner of the yacht is.

– For three years, his yacht was in Torquay and the boat was recently changed. The cause of the fire may have been, says the person who wishes to remain anonymous, to the newspaper.

Because of the fire, the Rendezvous has sunk to the bottom and local environmental authorities are now struggling to repair a major oil spill that threatens local wildlife, he writes daily Mail.

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