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So a few Swedish fans are expected to witness the Round of 16 in Glasgow

So a few Swedish fans are expected to witness the Round of 16 in Glasgow

It was one of the big snacks ahead of Tuesday’s Round of 16 final against Ukraine. The pandemic and current restrictions in the UK are making it nearly impossible for Swedish fans to watch the match on site at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

Currently, a ten-day quarantine is required in addition to covid tests on the second and eighth days when entering Scotland from Sweden.

Sadly, the European Championship play-off will be played without many Swedish fans. Albin Ekdal previously said it was bad planning to put him in a country where no one else was allowed in.

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However, the national team, in different ways, tried to make the Swedes live in the UK there.

“I have many friends in Glasgow who could solve it,” said Mikael Lustig, who was formerly at Celtic.

Manchester United resident Victor Nelson Lindelof pulled out tickets on Twitter.

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Criticism from players and leaders

If it gives results? we will.

In total, about 650-700 Swedish fans will watch the match. The maximum capacity is 12,000, and at the moment about 10,000 tickets have been sold, Martin Friedman, director of security for the Swedish Football Association, said on Monday evening.

650-700 … When Sweden met Poland in the final round of group matches, as many as 2,000 Swedes were in St Petersburg, Russia.

The 650-700 is still more than we thought, Martin Friedman adds.

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When asked the audience’s question during Monday’s press conference, captain Jan Andersson said:

Now, of course, I think mostly about how we’re going to play and what we’re going to do with the game tomorrow (Tuesday). It prepares us for the better. But if you go out a little bit, it’s pretty weird. I’ve said since day one that this whole European Championship setup is a misconception – which doesn’t appear at least now when our fans can’t come here and cheer us on. The same for Ukraine.

Team captain Sebastian Larsson:

– I can’t help but agree. The setting from the start looked a little different and a little weird – not least considering the world we live in. We have now played our way to the last 16 of the European Championship. I tried three times before, but then we couldn’t move from the set. It’s a pity we won’t have as many Swedish fans here tomorrow (Tuesday) as we would have liked.

The final round of the Swedish Round of 16 against Ukraine will begin at 21.00 on Tuesday evening.

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