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English fans are being turned around and risking fines in Rome

English fans are being turned around and risking fines in Rome

English football fans are known to flock to arenas around the world where their national men’s football team plays.

On the other hand, Saturday’s European Championship quarter-final match against Ukraine in the Italian capital, Rome, means difficult problems for fans who intend to travel to the country just for the match.

The Italian Embassy in London has announced that no fan who has traveled to Italy in the days leading up to the match will be allowed to enter the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

No exceptions

“Anyone who has been in the UK for 14 days, regardless of nationality or place of residence, will not be accepted, even if they have a ticket,” the embassy wrote in a statement, according to Reuters.

The FA is in line with the Italian authorities and writes on their website that five days of self-isolation are required after entering Italy from the UK.

Leaving Wembley

“This means that fans from the United Kingdom traveling to Italy after June 28 (Monday) will not arrive in time to watch the European Championship quarter-final in Rome on July 3,” the FA wrote on its website.

“Anyone who violates the restrictions and is prosecuted will be fined between 400 and 3,000 euros (equivalent to 4,700 and 35,400 kroner) and risk prosecution.”

This year’s European Football Championship is being held in 12 arenas in 12 different countries. England have so far played all four matches at Wembley in London, which is also the arena where the semi-finals and final will take place next week.

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