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Significant differences in work-related public health in Stockholm County

Significant differences in work-related public health in Stockholm County

There are significant differences between different groups when it comes to work-related health in Stockholm County, a new report from the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (CAMM) shows. Among other things, the report shows that physical pain varies significantly between occupations. Among women Care aides reported that about half or more had body pain. The report also shows that in many occupational groups with low qualification requirements there is a high percentage who believe they cannot continue working in the profession for two years because of their health.

– Having a job is very important for health in many ways and it is important to continue working so that everyone has access to a safe and health-promoting work environment, regardless of professional role or socio-economic background. “We hope the findings in the report will serve as a basis for preventive measures,” says John Johansson, deputy director of operations at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

People working in low-skilled and temporary employment are most affected by ill health

Ill health varies between occupations as well as by type of work (permanently employed, temporary employed, self-employed or unemployed). Examples from the report:

  • People in fixed-term jobs report mental illness more than permanent employees and the self-employed.
  • It is more common for fixed-term employees than permanent employees and self-employed people to have doubts about whether they can continue to work in their profession in two years because of their health. This hesitation is also more common among workers in low-skilled occupations than in high-skilled occupations.
  • Low-skilled occupations have the highest percentage of employees suffering from body pain. Among female care assistants, 55 percent reported that they often experience pain, and among male car, motorcycle and bicycle drivers, 39 percent reported that they often experience body aches.
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Less access to professional health care where ill health is highest

Access to occupational health care in the province is lowest in some groups where ill health is greatest. Those over 65 years of age, low-educated and temporary employees have the least access to professional health care. It is also common for people in low-skilled occupations not to know whether they have access or not.

– Occupational health care is an important part of work to create a healthy work environment. “We need to make focused efforts to increase access to places where it is needed most,” says John Johansson.

Facts about Stockholm County Occupational Health Report 2024

The purpose of Stockholm County Occupational Health Reports is to provide an overview of the work-related health situation in the county, map risks in the work environment and disseminate knowledge about preventability. The reports are prepared by the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine on behalf of the Stockholm Region and have been submitted approximately every four years since 1991. The findings in this year's report are mainly based on data from the 2021 Public Health Survey and socio-demographic data. Data from Statistics Sweden (SCB).