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Several gunshot wounds in a shopping center in Copenhagen

One hour after receiving an alert about a shooting in the Feld shopping center, Copenhagen police announced that a person had been arrested. In a tweet, the police wrote that they do not currently have the opportunity to say anything else about the person’s identity.

The police confirmed that shots were fired in the mall and several people were injured. We urge the public to stay away from the mall.

Several ambulances and a fire engine also arrived. The infection status of the people is unknown.

According to the public service company Dr Roads were closed around the place and the police arrived, armed to the teeth. The doctor has been in contact with the director of the Fields Center, who does not yet want to say anything about the incident, but refers to the police.

The shopping center is located near Kastrup Airport and the alarms started going off around 6pm on Sunday.

Jyllands-Posten I spoke to 20-year-old Emily Jepsen who was inside the mall.

– You don’t know what happened. Suddenly chaos reigned everywhere. We were sitting and eating and suddenly we saw people running, she says.

She completes:

– At first we thought, “Why do people run?” , but then we can hear gunshots.

According to the people who Extra Bladet We spoke with the sounds of gunshots coming from the restaurant section. The newspaper’s reporter immediately recounts dramatic scenes:

– I could see that a large group of people, perhaps 150 people, came out running out of Fields.

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BT newspaper publishes on its website a photo of police officers with automatic weapons at the nearby airport.

The police are urging anyone who has seen, heard or photographed something to contact the police.

It is currently not possible to take the metro to ├śrestad station, next to Field’s, the Danish capital region’s public transport company announces via Twitter.

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