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Record of deforestation in Brazil

Record of deforestation in Brazil

The world’s largest tropical rainforest has lost 3,750 square kilometers of forest since the start of the year — the highest number compared to the same period since these measurements began in 2016, according to Inpe.

More than 7,500 fires have been recorded since the start of the year, an increase of 17 percent compared to 2021, and the worst number since 2010.

In June this year, the region’s wildfires were the worst in 15 years. Deforestation was also the largest in the odd months of January and February, when it is usually lower. A record was also broken in April.

“A record of environmental degradation”

No more forests have disappeared in the Brazilian part of the Amazon since 2006 than they did last year.

The dry season has barely begun in the Amazon, and we are already breaking records in environmental degradation, says Cristian Mazzetti of Greenpeace Brazil.

President Jair Bolsonaro has encouraged mining and farming in protected areas, and environmental activists and opposition figures accuse the government of lobbying through policies that encourage companies to destroy the environment.

Watch more about the consequences of this devastation in a clip from last summer below.

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Researchers warn: Amazon is leaking more carbon dioxide than it binds to. picture: SVT
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