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Sergio Garrido unexpectedly became governor of Chavesland

Sergio Garrido unexpectedly became governor of Chavesland

Supporters of elected governor Sergio Garrido gathered on Sunday outside the opposition’s election campaign headquarters and sang the Venezuelan national anthem saluting “the brave people who got rid of the yoke of the yoke”. What makes the victory so unexpected is that the relatively unknown Sergio Garrido managed to beat one of President Nicolas Maduro’s closest men – former Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

– This is not about any state. This is the heart of Chavez, where Chavez was born and where his family has ruled for more than two decades, says political analyst Phil Johnson. Watchman.

In fact, it was supposed to be an election In Barinas it was scheduled to take place in November of last year, but when the regime realized the opposition candidate’s victory over Argenes Chávez, brother of the late Hugo Chávez, the regime-controlled electoral court chose to reject the opposition candidate. To secure victory, the Maduro regime replaced the well-known former foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza, who is 48 years old, Chávez’s brother.

The regime ensured that petrol was available at Barina petrol stations, even though there were now fuel shortages in the oil state. The regime also distributed refrigerators and concrete to the voters in the hope that they would elect Jorge Arreza as governor of the state described as the cradle of Chavez. However, they did not succeed. Sergio Garrido won 55 percent of the vote against Jorge Ariza, who got just 43 percent.

Former opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles chose to quote Venezuelan philosopher Andres Pelos who had a major influence on independence hero Simon Bolivar when he made Venezuela independent from Spain in 1811. “Unity of the people and their leaders guarantees the greatness of the people of nations,” Henrique Capriles wrote. Twitter.

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Since Nicolas Maduro took charge More than as a leader, after Hugo Chávez died of cancer eight years ago, Venezuela was in a deep political, economic and social crisis. The country has been hit by the world’s highest hyperinflation, and food shortages have also caused one of the world’s largest refugee crises – as many as 6 million Venezuelans have fled the country in recent years.

The opposition has previously boycotted the elections in Venezuela on the grounds that it was rigged. Neither the European Union nor the United States recognized the last presidential elections of 2018, as no international election observers were allowed into the country. There were also reports that government employees were forced to vote for Nicolás Maduro in order to keep their jobs. In an effort to gain more international legitimacy, this year and last year’s gubernatorial elections were not seen as fraudulent. In total, the opposition is now allowed to control four of Venezuela’s 23 states.

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