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party trick |  Isabella Loewengrip

party trick | Isabella Loewengrip

Over the summer, I did Tabata. This means that you practice for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. This is done for four minutes. I usually do four Tabatas – which means a 16-minute workout. I try to do that every day or two. You always have a quarter to spare and can actually always manage a quarter of it.

There is a free app called Tabata (in black and orange) so it’s used for keeping track of time.

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My first Tabata set is usually four cardio exercises, like burpees or jumping jacks. Then I move on to four leg exercises, four upper body exercises and four abdominal exercises. Sometimes I skip one of the others and do back exercises.

The main thing is that you have to move for a while every day!

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My best branch is actually push-ups on my feet. Three months ago I could have done three. And now my best is 20. But I usually do 15 in a row when I train. The goal is for 20 push-ups to be your normal training level. I usually do 15 push-ups x 2, then 10, then 5. Then I get comfortable. How fun!

I think push-ups would be my party trick. Imagine I’m having dinner with a group of new acquaintances and people. I stand and mix in heels and put on a pretty dress with an ensemble and then the conversation gets into practice. Guys talk about different training methods to get the best results and all of a sudden I’m like, “Do you think I can do some push-ups?” And out of nowhere, I take off my heels and do a 25 in a row. Just like that. Ideally, I want to learn how to clap in between.

Isn’t that funny?

… typical of my performance / now I have to prove my daydreams …

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When Paul and I were in the sauna today, Paul said “Of all the luxury in this world, sitting in a warm wooden sauna with the sea outside is the most luxurious.” And I agreed.

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today’s costume. summit from here.

Anna and I released a new episode today of Fint, Fult och Pengar. We’ve talked a lot about politics before, so it was fun to talk about technology again. We discuss how culture should relate to AI in the future. You can find our podcasts on Spotify or wherever podcasts are available (in the app).

Now it’s time to eat your evening sandwich and then read!