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Rishi Sunak calls parliamentary elections in Great Britain – abroad – at

Rishi Sunak calls parliamentary elections in Great Britain – abroad – at

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced the date for the UK General Election. Elections will be held on July 4.

– This is the moment for Britain to choose its future, Sunak said during a rainy news conference outside the official residence on Downing Street in London on Wednesday.

There has been long speculation as to when Sunak will announce the election date.

– Today I spoke to His Majesty the King to dissolve Parliament. Sunak said on Wednesday that Raja accepted the request and will organize elections on July 4.

Sunak's centre-right Tories have been hit by falling poll numbers after 14 years in power, while things are looking good for centre-left Labour.

The Tories also fell sharply in May's local elections.

Good position for workers

The British elect 650 members of the British Parliament for five-year terms.

The party that succeeds in forming a majority, alone or in coalition, forms the next government, and the leader of the party becomes the prime minister.

Labor leader Keir Starmer, the former attorney general of England and Wales, is currently leading the way in popularity.

Keir Starmer outside his home in London in 2022. Starmers' Labor is in good shape ahead of the general election.

Image: Neil Hall / EPA-EFE/All Over Press

Sunak spoke for economy

Originally, the election would have been held this fall. In Great Britain, the Prime Minister chooses the date for a general election.

Prime Minister Chung's announcement came on the same day official figures showed Britain's inflation rate had eased to 2.3 percent.

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– Today is a big moment for the economy where inflation has returned to normal, he said.

– Brighter times are ahead, but only if we stick to a plan to improve financial security and opportunity for all.

Sunak also said that he was proud of what his government had achieved.

Sunak has been Prime Minister since October 2022, succeeding party colleague Liz Truss.

Sources: AFP, Reuters