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UK: China Hacked Our Election Systems

UK: China Hacked Our Election Systems


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40 million Britons' addresses leaked after Chinese cyber attack

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China has long been accused of using cyber attacks as a means of spying on the outside world, particularly the West. Now from Great Britain comes a firm and severe charge. According to the Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden It writes that China has acquired the data of 40 million Britons by hacking into technology systems The Times.1

The breach reportedly began in August 2021, but was not discovered until a year later. China has access to the names and addresses of people who registered to vote in the UK election. Apart from this, several members of parliament who have spoken out against the Chinese government have reportedly been subjected to hacking attempts.

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Government sources inform about this The Times The attack is “extremely serious” and it is seen as important to publicly blame China for the incident. The newspaper also writes that the government is considering imposing economic sanctions — such as freezing assets or imposing travel bans — against those who participated in any way in the attack.

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