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This is how Sweden can get British entrepreneurs

This is how Sweden can get British entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur of Sweden

Niklas Adelberth during a round table discussion with high school students who run businesses under the concept of Young Enterprise (UF) at Folkets Huss in Habaranda. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT

Before the election in Great Britain, there is strong support for more entrepreneurs in the country. Then it might be a good idea to look towards the Nordics, writes Business Leader.

Among others, young entrepreneurship is highlighted as a role model.

– It allowed me to be involved in the business world while I was in school. There were also some tax incentives up to a certain turnover, which I am proud to have achieved in the first week, Konrad Bergström, founder of X Shore, a manufacturer of electric boats, told Business Leader.

A policy to support female entrepreneurs and the possibility of paid leave are also highlighted as parts of the Swedish success, which the British could be inspired by, the site writes.

Business leader: Nordic ideas to boost entrepreneurship in the UK

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