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Nick Cave

Nick Cave will be released as Potter at the Berlin Film Festival February 16, 2022 – P1 Kultur

Lisa Bergstrom also met director Jones Johnson who lives and works in Berlin and is currently at the festival with his film Axiom. Additionally, Lisa was on a camera technology course and learned what panning should look like on a woman’s body.

Artist Sophie Totti and the only bird in the world

Circles, dirty water and a very weak bird – follow our correspondent Mårten Arndtzén to Sophie Tottie’s exhibition “AIWHETL” (as if we had everything to learn) at the Stockholm Art Academy.

Then a really good artistic idea arises

Yeah…so…how then? Where do artists get it all? Is it about great and innovative ideas or long-term and patient research on a topic? Which will then be the movie, the painting, the action. We asked director and director Junilla Heilborn how she came up with the idea of ​​choreographing Lev Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Here you will find Peter Noda’s Lit Biography

Anyway, the first part is called “Luminous Details” and it was read by Katharina Wikars.

“to lie down and feel good”

Could it be a way of life that you really want to live? Are you going to the country jumping sturgeon and magnolia? Eva-Lotta Hulthén wonders if “more is always better” and chats with authors Daviud Jonstad and Erich Fromm.

Host: Lisa Bergstrom.
Producer: Ulf Nystrom

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