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Ett porträtt av författaren Richard Osman och infällt i bilden är ett omslag av hans bok Torsdagsmordsklubben.

Review: Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman – Culturnet in P1

A detective story about a residential village for rich retirees in the British countryside was a UK success. The Friday Murder Club was written by Richard Osman, and is the first in a series of books where the film rights have actually been purchased by Steven Spielberg.

It is only when sadness It sneaks inside as certain death comes to life, believes Ira Malick, a reviewer on Culturenet.

Forget the crazy serial killers, Thursday’s Homicide Club belongs to the kind of comfy crime – cozy murders – where death is not very messy and is solved by amateur detectives with hilarious personality traits.

As well as in British Richard Osman makes his debut at an old nunnery in Kent, which is now a privately owned residential village for wealthy retirees, where both patronage and wine are served.

In the shared puzzle room, the Homicide Club meets Thursdays every week to solve unsolved murders. The gang consists of Elizabeth, a former spy, Joyce, a former nurse, Ron, the retired leader of the mining strikes of the 1980s, and Ibrahim, the psychiatrists who want to get lost. In realistic explanations.

But now the poetess will be retired It was expanded and one of the suspicious owners was found dead in his kitchen. This really activates Thursday’s murder club, who finally gets a real murder, yeah, only two, to put his teeth into it.

And also two real policemen to serve tea in the puzzle room.

If not the author then Deliberately playing with all the conventions of the genre would have been unbearable. But with moderate humor, Osman rebelled against the extremely conservative British Rural Inquisitor; It houses both the non-white characters and the vegetarian café.

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But what saves Thursday’s club from a sugar overdose is the slowly building dimension of grief. Grief over the diseases of old age that absorb the lust of life, for everything that has gone wrong and can no longer be fixed.

Then Farah, an old woman It’s never too late to live a new life.