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He became the voice of the year 2021

He became the voice of the year 2021

Bjorn Natico Lindblad is the Voice of the Year 2021.

I arranged today CV And the Power Media For the fourth time this event Stockholm VoiceWhich aims to reward, interest and stimulate a creative voice.

During the joint event Audio Awards In three categories where the winner is The Voice of the Year 2021 has become Bjorn Natico Lindblad Which influenced his audiobook and summer talk on crowds of listeners.

The jury for Voice of 2021 stated the following: With a wonderful presence, heart, and a lot of warmth, this year’s sound really touches. A sound that truly charms its audience and captivates the ears with its magic. Congratulations to Bjorn Natico Lindblad, Voice of the Year 2021 Winner.

Under Audio Awards Prizes have also been awarded to Sound Innovation of the Year And the This year’s audio brand.

Winner b Sound innovation 2021 has become Drama on the earth:

This year’s Good Innovation Award 2021 winner has developed in a smart and innovative way a solution that broadens the target group and reaches its audience with a sound experience worth remembering. By using technology as an enabler, the experience is refined and the drama is created close to the live performance audiences and audiences can get. Congratulations to Dramaten and DVA Studio, Sound Innovation 2021 Award winners.

Category Winner This year’s audio brand Event Lenovo on the earth: This year’s 2021 Voice Brand Winner has succeeded in creating an identity that speaks to itself in a creative and courageous manner, and is well adapted to the target group. At a time when vocal identity becomes more and more important, the power of ideas is immediately present and provides a sound subtle brand that really manifests itself with full force. Congratulations to Lenovo and Ehrenstråhle, 2021 Sound Branding Award winners.

Winners received a beautiful glass statue in the shape of an ear of Stockholms Glassbrook On Skansen And that 30 thousand Swedish krona were donated in the names of the winners MusikBojen Which works to give vulnerable children and youth access to music therapy.

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Jury Audio Awards The year 2021 will consist of:

Linda Balkan, Chairman of the Jury and CEO, Power Media
Bella Goldman
, Director of Marketing and Communications, Lidl
Christian Roussos
, Copywriter and Audio Producer, Dobedai Production Agency
Emma Sidel
Media Manager, Samsung
Emma Thorpe
Yelp, CEO
Eric Modig
Researcher, Stockholm School of Economics
Frederick Simonson
, Nord DDB Creative Leader
Frederick Svediton
, Editor-in-Chief, Summary & Dagens Media
Marcus Norberg
, Investment Manager, OMD
Sophia Lindholm
, Art Director, Forsmann & Bodenforce