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Ingrosso takes over Allsångsscenen |  SVT News

Ingrosso takes over Allsångsscenen | SVT News

Sanna Nielsen returned as lead singer for the sixth consecutive year on SVT, which is traditionally broadcast from Skansen during the summer months. This year, the public was also welcomed back to Allsångsscenen after the pandemic stopped last year.

– There will be a small but very cool audience on site. This is something we all crave, and above all, very much, Nielsen said at a press conference.

Sanden starts

One of the first artists to come out is Molly Sandin, who released the album They Should Know this year. Sandine also attracted attention at the 2021 Oscars, as she performed one of the voices in the film “The Eurovision Song Contest: A Fire Epic Story”. She is joined by comedian Per Anderson and artists Lisa Nelson, Pernilla Anderson, Anis Don Demina and Sami.

The program “Allsång på Skansen” also introduces many participants to this year’s Melodifestival. In the second episode, Eric appears Saade, while Eva Redberg and Ewa Ross get a chance to appear in the third episode. On July 27, it’s time for Melody Festival winner Tusse Chiza to step into Allsångsscenen, along with, among others, Arvingarna, Cherrie and Eagle-Eye Cherry.

On the pop front, viewers can look forward to Thomas Stenström, Tove Styrke, Newkid and Sabina Ddumba during the season.

Ingrosus watch

On August 10, it’s time for “Allsångsscenen är din” – the extra episode that airs after the regular allsången show ends. Here, the artist spreads his own songs for an hour – this time it is Benjamin Ingroso’s turn. During the year, he released the album “Once Upon a Time”, in addition, he appeared on television with his cooking show “Benjamin” during the winter.

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I am very excited, happy and proud to be able to do this. “I’m looking to make great music an hour as possible,” Ingrosso says at the press conference.

In Allsångsafsnitt’s latest movie of the year, viewers get entertainment from, among others, Maja Francis, Chris Kläfford, Peter Jöback and Timbuktu.

“Allsång på Skansen” will premiere on June 29 and the final episode will air on August 17.

Here you watch the press conference where this year’s artists are presented.