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Review: Maïwenn-Kulturnytt’s legacy in P1

Title: heir
Scenario and direction: Maywin
In roles: Maïwenn, Fanny Ardant, Louis Garrel, Omar Marwan mfl
can be viewed on: Curriculum Vitae
rank: 4 of 5

Alzheimer’s grandfather passed away and one would think it would be serious and heavy. But not in the director’s charming, chaotic version of a French-Algerian family searching for their identity. It hits hard because it’s fun, too.

Because when an important person dies, the details are the only thing you can control. In small, like choosing between expensive or cheap coffins, there is also a question: who was the grandfather really, who fought for the independence of Algeria from the colonial power? And who am I then?

The most difficult is for the middle sister, Neg, who is in her forties, and it is done by the director. She defines so strongly with her roots that she wants on paper how Algerian she is. She also revolts incessantly with her eccentric and ambiguous left-wing parents, who do not understand her longing for the authentic.

Maïwenn is an undefeated master at creating group scenes, but when we can only follow Neige, the film loses its high energy level and becomes like a lecture in postcolonial theory.

However, Legacy is a wonderful depiction of family not just for those with a background in another country, but for anyone who has turned to the past to find an identity.

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