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Kinesiskt tv-bolag förlorar sändningsrättigheter i Storbritannien

Chinese TV company loses broadcasting rights in UK – News (Accord)

Chinese television company CGDN established a large European headquarters in 2019 in an elegant glass building in London as part of the development of Chinese state media outside China. But now the company is losing the right to broadcast television in the UK.

The company had registered Its license by an alternative company, but the British regulator today considered in its decision to be controlled by the Communist Party of China, so there is no broadcasting rights in the UK.

CGDN, a Chinese media company, broadcasts news and programs overseas in a number of targeted languages. The company’s content is also very actively disseminated through social media, for example, providing a version of events in Xinjiang and Hong Kong in line with the views of Chinese officials.

A branch of CGDN State-controlled Chinese television, registered under the Chinese central government, has its media policy very closely controlled by the Communist Party.

The UK move against the CGTN is expected to have an impact on the British media operating in China, and is expected to contribute to a lively debate in Europe over the status and rights of the Chinese state media in many countries.

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