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Record number of book guests at this year's Feelgood Festival in Waxholm

Record number of book guests at this year’s Feelgood Festival in Waxholm

At the end of summer, it is time for the fourth edition of Feelgood, the popular literature festival initiated by Printz Publishing 2018. During the busy day, book-loving visitors will meet a larger and more star-studded group of authors than ever before. The festival will take place at Vaxholms Kastell, on Saturday 21 August and ticket sales are taking place.

After a year of digital restrictions and events, it would be great to go to Waxholm at the end of this summer for real meetings and a real celebration of this wonderful kind. Just Kastellet is a magical place in itself, has a lot of history, and is also spacious, which means we can make good space and distance for guests. Festival year Christopher Holst says this will be a lot of fun! Feelgood is a growing book genre, and publishing and sales numbers are increasing, not the least of which is audiobooks. The majority of authors of this type are women, which is also reflected in the list of participants, which is a long record this year. There will be thirteen book publishers and thirty-two of the biggest Swedish names for the Feelgood genre on the site. In addition to these, two international authors will also participate digitally. Visitors can meet well-known and well-known authors such as Karen Heulstrom, Emma Hamberg, Camilla Davidson, Jenny Faglund, Maria Ernstam and Caroline Savstrand, as well as many novices.

This is the first year that the festival has been held in Kastellet in Waxholm, outside Stockholm. During the festival day, which takes place between 10.00 and 18.00, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in authors ‘seminars, writing schools and writers’ circles. In addition to these scheduled activities, there will also be time for mingling and spontaneous meetings between readers and authors. Evening She concluded by nominating her for the “Feel of the Year” award. The competition nominates four books, published between September 2020 and August 2021, and an external jury will decide who will be the winner.For a list of all publishers and co-authors as well as more detailed information regarding tickets and schedule, visit //

The main sponsor of the Feelgood Festival is Storytel.

It is important to note that the festival will follow the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency and in case of doubt, the event will be implemented digitally, as was the case last year.


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