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Owen Wilson och Salma Hayek i Bliss.

Reality is simulated in the turkey movie Bliss – Kulturnytt in P1

title: bliss
King / Hands: Mike Cahill (Other Earth)
the actor: Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, Bill Nye MFL.
Available on: Amazon Prime Video
Rank: 1/5

Nothing seems to go Greg’s way. But one day he meets a woman who opens his mind and soon the truth around him begins to crack.

The Bliss trailer gave some hope.

The film looks like a terrifying romantic drama variant of The Matrix, complete with simulated reality. Of course, it’s true, but now I can tell you it’s a waste. Really, really for cash.

Bliss wants to be a metaphor On how drugs and addicts protect us from each other and our ways of looking at the world.

Upon returning to the past, I see and understand that this is what she wants, but at the same time she is too clumsily composed to work with her.

This is because so many other things are intertwined simultaneously: science fiction adventures, dream sequences, social satire and melancholic dramas, it doesn’t feel like one movie here.

If it is at least It would be nice to watch it. Instead, everyday photos are often filtered into a dull blue flash and the luxurious colorful sci-fi world still feels uninspiring.

Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek are not good either. Wilson is often difficult to take seriously, although that’s exactly what we need to do, and Hayek struggles with his overly complex character in Morpheus.

Director Mike Cahill did A name with the low-cost movie “Another Earth 2011”, in which humanity has to deal with the fact that an identical globe suddenly appears next to our world. He’s clearly interested in taking science fiction concepts and letting them show who we humans are and why.

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So, it’s especially sad to see that, now that his budget has grown and the stars are right, this is still seen as just one of the worst episodes of the TV series Black Mirror.