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Re-recording: Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022) |

Re-recording: Ray Donovan: The Movie (2022) |

The fixer might fix one last time

On January 14, the final film for long-distance rider Ray Donovan will be released. The film, Eric Diedrich, witnessed the result and believes it to be a successful finale.

The fact that the TV series will have a final movie has been very popular lately. Personally, I’m divided on this concept because it always seems like a very long episode rather than a real movie. Like oats, ending a chain is not easy – just look Lost or game of Thrones – So there might actually be some kind of psychological point in going all the way to the ‘movie format’.

Now is the time for the long-distance runner Ray Donovan Tested in the same way and I can now say that the result was successful. Although it is not a perfect ending like the legendary one in under six feet.

film based on After the final episode of Season 7, Ray searches for Mickey while his daughter Bridget tries to stop him. You don’t really need to know more than that, but there is one last powerful installer cleanup task that we followed in 82 sections. Exactly, in parallel, a back story is told in which some details of the character’s identification are revealed.

Bitterly sweet for every penny

Set as a movie is being Ray Donovan: The Movie Good, but far from amazing. Like I started my script, this is another example of a cartoon that mostly looks like a long episode. However, it is a successful example of a TV finale, with a bittersweet farewell that will leave fans full and satisfied.

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Of course, everyone is adept at roles. not less Liev Schreiber Who has shown himself for the last time in the role he was born to play, and that he is an actor who deserved a stronger career, there is no doubt. Later this year it will be seen in Wes Andersonnext movie, asteroid city Which is kind of a sign that he now officially belongs to the Hollywood acting elite.

as a movie Ray Donovan: The Movie Solid third, as a final chain four clockwise. The grade is assigned accordingly.

Ray Donovan: The movie premiered on Paramount+ on January 15th.

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