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I'm Zlatan (2022) |  movie top

I’m Zlatan (2022) | movie top

Everything looks real in the much-awaited movie adaptation of Zlatan’s upbringing

In 2011, the autobiography “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic” written by Zlatan jointly with David Lagerrantz was published. After that, there was a long wait for the famous book to be filmed. Now the cinema roll is finally here.

For those of us who live in Sweden or football fans in other parts of the planet is a story Zlatan Ibrahimovic Growing up hardly anything new. Already when the 40-year-old star started, newspapers and media began to take an interest in his upbringing in the suburb of Malmö in Rosengård. In both the long-awaited and the delayed film I’m Zlatan Directed by jeans Sjögren We will take part in his journey from the farm’s small gravel field to the largest soccer fields and soccer clubs in the world.

Lives largely on its authenticity.

When the author David Lagerrantz And Ibrahimovic’s bestselling book came out in 2011, which she felt wasn’t too far behind. Now, just over ten years later, it’s here. But the question is whether it was really worth the long wait. I’m Zlatan Good and well worth a watch, even if it doesn’t offer any big surprises.

Despite adversities and problems at school, as well as in family life and in the locker rooms, Zlatan knows what he can and wants. It would be the best in the world and everyone would be disappointed. The plot is the typical underdog story and shows how much Zlatan had to fight to get to where he is today. Most of the plot is familiar and we feel like we are seeing real Zlatan growing before our eyes.

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Dominic Anderson Bagrati as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Photo: Nordisk Film.

Because it’s Zlatan who plays it, right? No, of course not. But it’s really a very good criticism of the two actors who play Ibra as a young man (Dominic Anderson Bagrati) and old (Rachiti granite). Even Zlatan’s patented laugh and smile fit just right. It is precisely this originality that is the ultimate strength of the film. Everything feels real and takes place in the places where Zlatan was already. Just that little gravel field where he stood for hours and kicked the ball made a small but important touch. Also Sidomir Glesovich In the role of Father Shafiq he feels authentic and laughs several times.

Granit Rachiti as Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Granit Rachiti as Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Photo: Nordisk Film.

“I’m Zlatan” does exactly what it’s supposed to, no more, no less. It is an entertaining and fascinating film adaptation of Zlatan’s upbringing and the path to the absolute top. The film’s greatest strength is its authenticity and it really feels like we’ll see when Zlatan grows up in Rosengård.

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