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Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain makes plans for Christmas

Queen Elizabeth waits for her car after the church service in Sandringham 2019.
Queen Elizabeth waits for her car after the church service in Sandringham 2019.

The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly in the UK, and on Monday the country reported 91,743 new cases of COVID-19.

This is the second highest number since the start of the epidemic.

Now, Queen Elizabeth has had to cancel her own Christmas plans – for the second year in a row.

The 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth will not celebrate Christmas Sandringham, as you usually do. Instead, you’ll be spending Christmas at Windsor Castle. This was confirmed by Buckingham Palace to Sky News.

The decision is up to the Queen and is made after careful consideration. Instead, other family members will be visiting Windsor over Christmas, and great precautions will be taken due to the coronavirus.

In any other year, it would have been completely implausible for the Queen to cancel her annual trip to Sandringham. After all, it’s been a family Christmas spot for decades. But Sky News court reporter Rhiannon Mills wrote in a statement that it’s a pandemic now and nothing surprising for long.

A traditional Sandringham Christmas is not just about meeting the Queen and her family. Thousands of people usually watch the family’s annual march to church, and the last thing the Queen would want in this instance is to encourage people to gather.

Christmas lunch canceled

Last week, the Queen canceled the traditional lunch at Buckingham Palace, which she usually arranges before traveling to Sandringham at Christmas. The guest list normally consists of all family members, but it has been canceled due to concerns about the spread of infection in the UK.

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The Queen was also forced to cancel last year’s Christmas gathering due to the coronavirus.