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Queen Elizabeth withdrew the invitation

Queen Elizabeth withdrew the invitation

The interview with Oprah, where Megan said, among other things, that she had suicidal thoughts but did not get help from the royal family and that someone in court was concerned about her son Archie’s complexion, caused a sensation inside. Britain. The interview was shown the night before Monday, and during the Monday afternoon, Oprah appeared herself in an interview with CBS News “This Morning”.

In the interview, Oprah showed clips that had never been shown before – including one in which he tells Harry that an invitation from the Queen has been withdrawn after it is learned that they intend to resign as a “business property.” Harry and Meghan celebrated Christmas in Vancouver when details of their plans surfaced in early January 2020.

– My grandmother said, “Once you land, come to Sandringham, we would like to see and talk, come and have tea, and stay for dinner – it would be a long way to drive and it would be completely over,” Harry says in the clip.

Queen Elizabeth blamed the schedule

Once in Britain, Harry received a letter from his secretary, who sent a letter from the Queen’s Secretary.

– It was said in principle, “Please inform the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that they cannot come to Norfolk. The Queen is busy, busy all week.”

When Harry called later and asked what happened, the Queen only said she had something in the schedule that she had forgotten, he said in the clip.

Megan stated in the interview: “I didn’t want to live anymore”

Boris Johnson: No interview comments

The UK Prime Minister said he does not comment on issues related to the royal family.
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