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Beder and Henrik return to the crime scene - here you can watch a Rolex Grand Slam for free

Beder and Henrik return to the crime scene – here you can watch a Rolex Grand Slam for free

Now the Rolex Grand Prix winner of the Dutch Hertogenbosch Henrik von Eckermann And also Peder Fredrickson Back at the crime scene with 19 of the top 25 in world rankings – among others Steve Gordat, Daniel Deusser, and Martin Fox And the Scott Brash – Who is the only one in the world to have won three Rolex Grand Prix victories and thus won the Rolex Grand Slam title for jumping show which awarded her a million euros as an additional bonus in addition to the big prize money in each competition.
This weekend, they ride the major competitions of the Dutch Masters.

The Dutch Masters was canceled for the first time when both the Covid-19 and the EHV-1 spread were stopped. But then they found a new date this weekend and decided to hold contests after all. There were also four-star dressage classes here, but now they end up close to outdoor dressage season instead, the global elite congregate at Hagen in Germany, where Patrick Keitel And the Antonia And the Juliet Rammell Horseback riding this weekend.

Henrik von Eckermann and Mary Lou of Tovek won a Rolex Grand Prix at s-Hertogenbosch 2019.

Peder and Henrik have a lot to defend in Den Bosch. In 2019, own the arena – Henriques won the millionth Rolex Grand Prix category Mary Lou Tovic Bidir ranked third Christian K.. Last year, the competition started in the middle of the first wave of Corona and stopped before the start of the Rolex Grand Prix, so Henrik is still the current champion.

The Rolex Grand Slam includes four of the world’s biggest jumping competitions, CHIO Aachen (€ 1 million in prize money), CHI Geneva (€ 1.1 million), Dutch Masters (€ 1 million) and Spruce Meadows (€ 2.1 million). If the contestant wins three races in a row, he receives an additional bonus of another € 1 million. The only person who has managed it so far is Britain’s Scott Brash who took the title in 2015. If a contestant wins two successive races, the reward is € 500,000. For two wins in two contests that do not follow one another, the reward is 250K – if Henrik wins on Sunday, he will take it home. Rewards are not limited to one calendar year.

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Friday 19.00 – GP 1 Qualifiers, jumping 1.55 with a jump
Saturday 19.00 – GP 2 Qualifiers, jumping 1.55 with a jump
Sunday 13.30 – Rolex Grand Prix, jumping 1.60 in one jump

The Rolex Grand Prix is ​​streamed live here for free >>>