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Film circle tired - franchises that must be closed

Film circle tired – franchises that must be closed

These perks shouldn’t get you more movies.

Then it’s time to complain again. This time, Filmcirkeln has picked three franchises that shouldn’t get more movies now.

Marcus Leung is tired of:

Harry Potter world

Photo: Warner Bros.

I don’t know how long the Fantastic Beasts series will be, but one thing is for sure. It’s an outright milking of the Harry Potter brand. In the first of the new films, she did a supporting comedy role in the title role and it all failed. In desperation, they then try to redirect the story to the characters and places that Harry Potter geeks already know. We went back to Hogwarts and met Dumbledore.

The only thing left for us in the new moviesA – how many will there be now in the end – is a new movie series which I unfortunately think is a very obvious cash grab that lacks the magic (pun intended) that the original movies had.

David Lindahl is tired of:

Indiana Jones universe

Indiana Jones.
Photo: Universal Pictures.

Come on, let’s all be honest. There is really only one really good movie from Indiana Jones and it’s the original. The ultimate adventure movie where Professor Jones, like a superhero, puts on his hat and makes his way through the woods in search of artifacts. There won’t be much more adventure.

I can totally tolerate the first two sequels, perhaps the most notable one in which James Bond plays the father of Indiana Jones. But then also the unbelievably unsuccessful four from 2008 Harrison Ford Feel like it’s time to close? Please let one of the most famous adventure characters in movie history stand with a little dignity!

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Vidar Justegard is tired of:

Scream movies

Photo: Dimension Films.

“Scream” is a parody of the horror genre With helping to revive it after more than a decade of sequels like Friday the 13th And Halloween. Unfortunately, the innovative film met the same fate as the famous horror films of the 80s. The Hollywood milking machine puts its claws into it.

Each new sequel to Scream is worse than the previous one. To be perfectly honest, I only watched the first three of the four movie series. That’s right, there was a TV series too, as well as a fifth movie on the way.

Perhaps what really shocks one the most is that in fact Scary movieMovies, which are themselves parodies of parodies ScreamIn fact, it has managed to maintain the quality of B-movies through many films. But seriously, Hollywood has to stop franchising every horror movie that’s released.

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