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Quantum photons ‘yin and yang’ imaged in real time

Quantum photons ‘yin and yang’ imaged in real time

Now, researchers at the University of Ottawa in Canada and Sapienza University in Rome, Italy have developed a new technique that can visualize the recovery of the jump in record time.

They describe In an article in the journal Nature Photonics They describe how, using a method they call two-photon digital holography, they created a yin-yang-like image of two entangled light particles in real time.

Quantum Leap Mining is difficult to capture in a picture

Simply put, quantum entanglement is a connection between two particles that are similar, even though the distance between them is large.

They make it possible, for example, for two particles of light – also called photons – to communicate with each other over enormous distances, and when a change occurs in one particle, a corresponding change occurs in the other.

In order to predict how a quantum object such as photons will behave, physicists must find the wave function of that object.

The wave function is a description of the state of a particle, which exists at the quantum level in what is called superposition. This means that a particle can exist in all physical states simultaneously.

Finding the wave function of two connected particles is challenging, because each measurement of one particle causes an instantaneous change in the other.

To solve this problem, physicists use a method called quantum tomography, which can create 3D reconstructions of particles through measurements.

Physicists have to make many measurements of the quantum state of particles, and the more complex the state, the more measurements are needed. Then they can reconstruct the 3D object for jump mining based on the predictions.

In a press release Researchers compare it to recreating a 3D object from the 2D shadows cast on walls when the original object is illuminated.

This method gives the correct result, but it also gives many results that are not physically possible and therefore must be sorted to get an accurate picture and this process can take up to several days.

Yin Yang Hope Extract

Then we finally arrived at the new two-photon digital holography method. Stereograms are two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects.

Optical holograms use two beams of light to create a 3D image. One ray strikes the object that reflects the ray. The second beam shines on an ultra-high-resolution camera.

The hologram consists of a pattern called interference, which is a pattern of how the crests and troughs of two light waves add up or cancel each other out.

Using this method and a nanosecond camera, the researchers were able to characterize the received interference pattern by pitting the unknown quantum state against a known state and revealing the yin-yang-like reconstruction of the two entangled photons.

“This method is significantly faster than previous techniques and requires only minutes or seconds instead of days,” Alessio Derrico, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ottawa who was part of the research team, explains in the press release.

Quantum mining is one of the fundamental elements of quantum computers. A better understanding of jump extraction could give us more stable quantum computers.

The researchers write in their article that the shape of yin-yang arose by chance due to the angle of light rays of light. In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang symbolize opposites that belong together such as light and dark, night and day.

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