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Aiper’s pool cleaning robots were in a good mood

Aiper’s pool cleaning robots were in a good mood

More news from IFA 2023 in Berlin and this time it’s about keeping the pool clean. Aiper was on site and demonstrated what its robots can do in pool environments.

The American company Aiper was present at the electronics exhibition in Berlin They showed off their swimming pool cleaning robots. This was done in a comfortable environment where an L-shaped pool was built in a smaller shape and where their pool cleaning robots were allowed to play freely. Two Aiper Seagull Pros did this to everyone’s delight, climbing unimpeded over the other’s quarter ramp which probably wasn’t meant to be.

Their model Seagull Pro is a wireless pool cleaning robot It is equipped with four motors to keep the pool clean. In the pool environment, she clearly demonstrated that she had no problem climbing vertical walls in her quest to keep it clean.

The Seagull Pro’s built-in battery keeps the robot alive For up to three hours and the battery recharges within 90 minutes. The facade of the pool cleaning robot looks like a happy mouth, which is also presented by the employees at the stand, who sometimes dress up as Aiper Airlines flight attendants with the aim of enjoying the holiday at home in the garden while their products take care of the rest.

It can also be seen in the company’s official video below Their Aiper Surfer S1 floating robot takes care of things on the surface.

A great addition to a beautiful situation where the details Taken into account and everything is interspersed with a little entertainment and humour.

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source: Iber