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“Starfield performs poorly on bad computers”

“Starfield performs poorly on bad computers”

Since Starfield launched a few days ago, player numbers have skyrocketed, with over a million concurrent players. Reviews are largely positive, but as with most major gaming launches, some users are experiencing bugs and performance concerns.

During the Q&A session, the press had the opportunity to express their thoughts, with Bloomberg asking the slightly bitter question “Why didn’t you optimize the game for PC?”. The fire was met with further criticism from Bethesda CEO Todd Howard, who suggested that the Bloomberg journalist may simply be… Sitting at a very small computer.

Well, we did it. He’s doing great. It’s the latest generation of PC gaming and we’re pushing technology to the limits, so you may need to upgrade your PC. But the game has very good content and the feedback from our fans is positive. – Todd Howard

According to Howard, Bethesda has already optimized Starfield for PC. He also adds that Starfield performs very well, but as a modern PC title, it naturally puts some strain on the hardware. To have good fluency, it is recommended to use stronger muscles.

Potatoes can’t power Starfield, but they can be used to fill digital space coffers. Image source: PCGamer/Moziban

Howard has the point that more powerful hardware generally means higher performance, and so does Starfield. Whether the game flows “great” and is well optimized, opinions and reports vary, but it’s clear that players with older hardware should be prepared to downgrade or upgrade.