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Princess Latifa is released from house arrest

Princess Latifa is released from house arrest

In the spring, British media published several videos from 2019 in which Princess Latifa witnessed how her father, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 71, was placed under house arrest after trying to flee Dubai.

For a long time, videos were the only signs of the princess’ life, but this weekend two photos were posted on Instagram where Latifa could be seen outside the house and soon afterwards a friend of the princess confirmed that she was released.

According to the friend, Princess Latifa is now living at home with her friends, without any armed guards, and she is also said to have hired a lawyer to leave Dubai.

Hopefully things will start in the right direction and she has to decide for herself what to do. The friend told the Daily Mail that the fact that she was no longer locked in the villa toward her rest was a big step forward.

“Things happen behind the scenes.”

David Hay, one of the founders of the “Hora Latifa” group, tells the newspaper that they are closely following the events.

– This is very good news and things happening behind the scenes, and we hope that you provide more positive news.

When news of the princess’s house arrest was discovered this spring, the United Nations threatened to impose sanctions on the UAE if it showed no signs that Latifa was alive. According to the Daily Mail, weekend photos were taken on Instagram two weeks ago and posting must be approved by Dubai authorities.

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