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Prince Williams was sent off during the FA Cup Final

Prince Williams was sent off during the FA Cup Final

Before the big meeting between Liverpool and Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Saturday, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, was present at Wembley.

As president of the FA, he made sure to shake hands with all players before the match, but fans in the stands were not happy with his presence.

Thousands of fans cheered as the Prince entered the stadium and things got worse when the Duke set the tone for the national anthem “God Save the Queen”.

I condemned the prince’s mockery

Liverpool became the champion of the cup after a drama of penalty shootouts, but after the match, the deputies could not abandon the actions of the fans.

I completely condemn all fans who booed Prince William at Wembley today, says House spokeswoman Sir Lindsey Hoyle, according to the Daily Mail.

Conservative MP and former cultural secretary Karen Bradley has also condemned the prince’s treatment, according to the newspaper.

It is totally unacceptable and shameful for the public to jeer at Prince William. Karen Bradley says I urge the FA to take all necessary measures and bring those responsible to justice.

After Liverpool’s victory, the Prince himself distributed the medals and then the buoy went off.

The reasons for ridicule and bullying are unclear, but there are some theories. New York Times journalist Omid Scobie tweeted his thoughts about the incident, which he linked to the 1989 Hillsboro incident, in which 97 Liverpool fans lost their lives.

“My view (correct me if I’m wrong, Twitter) is that there can still be a sense of an institution on the Hillsboro disaster and justice for it.” Omid Scobie writes in the publication.

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Liverpool fans chanting during the national anthem was a frequent thing, but not something Jurgen Klopp chose to comment on this time, the coach. But this is how he answered when asked three years ago:

– I don’t think I’m the right person (for the question), I know a little about the story but it’s not for me to judge, he said afterwards according to the Daily Mail.

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