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Olympic Games 2022 - Feb 15 (15/2) Swedish Times & Highlights

Olympic Games 2022 – Feb 15 (15/2) Swedish Times & Highlights

🥇 Swedish highlights and participants

Sweden has many good medals during the Olympic Games February 15. We think the best opportunity lies in biathlon – but the program also covers curling, figure skating and freestyle swimming.

Watch all Sweden’s highlights and TV times to watch. You can do this by following today’s schedule at the Olympics on February 15th. We’ve listed everyone below. Enjoy the 2022 Winter Olympics as long as it lasts!

  • Sweden – Denmark, curling (women) – in. 02:05 (Eden team)
  • Freestyle, slob, qualified (men) – kl. 05:30 (Olior Magnuson, Henrik Harlaut, Jesper Tedder and Oliver Burval)
  • Figure skating, big air, final (men) – kl. 06:00 (Sven Thurgren)
  • Sweden – Denmark, curling (women) – in. 07:05 (Hasselburg team)
  • Biathlon, relay, 7.5 x 4 km (men) – note: new time – in. 07:30 (Baby Fimling, Jesper Nellen, Martin Poncelloma, Sebastian Samuelson)
  • Sweden – Great Britain, curling (men) – in. 13:05 (Eden team)

Not least, we have Swedish involvement in both On the ice, the big air final Freestyle, downhill swimming qualifiers. These two Olympics will start early in the morning. There it is important to prepare with rolls and coffee!

Can we get qualifying skaters from these two Olympic majors. Then, it could be a really interesting morning from the Olympics on February 15th. These are two types of sports that are fun and cool. It’s not often that you who are into sports see freestyle, italic style, snowboarding, or big air. During the Winter Olympics, these sports get more space — and a bigger audience.

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A biathlon can be a thrilling movie. The Swedes were doing just fine – but with higher expectations. During the relay, the men have a good chance of getting to a medal on 15/2. This may be one of Sweden’s last chances to win a medal at the 2022 Biathlon Olympics on the men’s side.

Note that The timing of the men’s biathlon relay has changed on February 15th. It was moved from 10:00 to 07:30 (Sweden time). The reason is a weather forecast that indicates cold weather conditions and winds.

There’s always a little curling in the schedule – so even through February 15th. The Swedish national team plays three matches. There, the women are under more pressure than the men who have won all matches thus far.

Entire schedule February 15

So that we don’t miss anything interesting from the Winter Olympics – we’ve included a complete schedule for the February 15 Winter Olympics. There you will find much more than Swedish sports.

February 15 (15/2)

02:05 curling (men)
02:30 Snowboarding Big, Final (Ladies and Gentlemen)
02:30 Frisky, men’s downhill final
04:00 Downhill skiing (women)
05:10 Ice hockey, playoff (men’s)
06:00 On the ice, big men in the final air
07:05 Curling, ladies Sweden – Denmark
07:30 Skates, Team Relay Finals (Women’s & Gentlemen’s)
09:00 Nordic mix, mixed
09:40 Ice hockey, playoff (men’s)
10 o’clock Biathlon, 4 x 7.5 km (Men)
11:00 Figure skating, individual (women)
12:00 Nordic mix, mixed
12:00 Free Jump, Qualifiers (Men’s)
13:05 Curling (men) Sweden – Great Britain
13:15 Bob, two men (men)
14:10 Ice hockey, playoff (men’s)

Can Sweden achieve its goals?

Sweden’s goal now is to get more than 15 medals created by SOK. It could become a reality on February 15th. He probably isn’t very likely to get hit during the day. But. By all means, Sweden will reach the goal no matter the way things are going today. There are many good chances to win medals in skecross, biathlon, curling and ice hockey at the 2022 Olympics. Those who aspire to more than 20 medals – may soon see themselves defeated by reality.

We still think Sweden can get 20 medals. It would be an incredibly beautiful record to set for the Swedish Olympic team. To date, the record is 15 medals. A record standing since the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

You can already read the OS schedule for the February 16 Olympics. We update you every day with new summaries of the program.