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Prayer breakfast played an important role when Boris Johnson resigned

Prayer breakfast played an important role when Boris Johnson resigned

Most people now know that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left office. What is more unknown is that the Iftar prayer and a sermon on working for the good of the people came to influence the process.


Published at 07:00, July 13, 2022

Sajid Javid was a minister in Boris Johnson’s government and was responsible for, among other things, health issues. On July 5, he chose to step down, arguing that he could no longer stand behind Johnson, who had been embroiled in numerous scandals.

When Javid announced his decision in Parliament, he said he was inspired by that morning’s sermon.

“We have started our work Today together…when we were breaking bread at the Parliament Prayer Iftar. We’ve all heard Pastor Les Isaac talk about the responsibility that comes with leadership, the responsibility to serve the interests of others other than our own and to make a common cause for your party, your community and above all your country,” said Sajid Javid, writes for the Premier Christian website.

That morning, nearly 700 people gathered for the Iftar prayer as the preacher Not Isaac spoke. Isaac is a writer and works on a daily basis with Christian leaders training and social initiatives and runs a company with street shepherds. In his sermon, he highlighted the need for unity and concern for people’s interests.

God gives him The ability of people to be merciful and to live not for themselves but for others and to show this mercy to the weak, the poor, the marginalized and the weak.”

“But it is a challenge for us, whether we are politicians or church leaders, it is a challenge to work through cooperation. To work, wherever we can, for the benefit of the public and all the people in our community,” Les Isaac said.

Sajid Javid’s message He left the government, then followed by many other politicians and civil servants who chose to distance themselves from Boris Johnson. The Prime Minister eventually announced that he would be stepping down, but said he would remain in office until a replacement was appointed.

The battle for power is now in full swing, with Secretary of State Liz Truss and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak mentioned as two of the candidates.

God gives his people the ability to be merciful and to live not for themselves but for others.

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