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That was after the British comedian Joe Lisette TV program big pride party as a cloud star I got the butcher It is widely discussed. The show celebrated Pride’s 50th anniversary in the UK and was broadcast in early July from Birmingham. In one sequence, Joe is seen walking among the people who have gathered to join the celebration. That’s when Fatt Butcher shamelessly pulled out a bottle of Poppers and inhaled the fumes.
Right in front of the camera.

However, Fat Butcher, who prefers the pronoun hen, does not want to confirm that poppers were used and when the news site was used. pink news I searched, and the answer was, “I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors I would have taken up with Poppers. But if that were the case, I would have thought of how important their substance was to our queer history.”
“Joe’s party was to celebrate 50 years of the Pride, and from an odd perspective, it’s important not to offer a ‘washed’ version of a messy belated party.”

But despite the vague answers on Pink News, Fat Butcher couldn’t help himself and during the evening he tweeted “Mom, I just caught poppers on Channel 4″. And for a short while, T-shirts printed with the event promoted by Fat Butcher on his Twitter account were sold out.

Comments poured in on Twitter, with many users calling Fat Butcher an “icon” for the move.

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