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They are preparing to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Liz Truss, 46, or Rishi Sunak, 42.

One of them will be Britain’s next prime minister.

– I think I’m the only candidate who can defeat Labor, says Sunak, who got the most votes in Wednesday’s last round.

On Wednesday, Conservative MPs voted on two candidates to campaign to replace Boris Johnson as party leader and Great Britain Prime Minister.

The winners were former Secretary of State Liz Truss, 46, and Rishi Sunak, 42, who was finance minister under Boris Johnson. Sunak was the former favorite with 137 votes while Truss got 113 — and won by a slim margin ahead of the third candidate, Benny Mordaunt, 49, who got 105.

Rich Sunak was Minister of Finance under Boris Johnson.

Members decide

Now it is up to the more than 160,000 members of the Conservative Party to decide who will win. The results of this vote will be presented on September 5 – the two candidates have already started their campaign.

The question now before our members is who is the best person to defeat Keir Starmer and the Labor Party in the upcoming elections? Rishi Sunak says BBC.

– I believe that I am the only candidate who can do this, and my values ​​are the same as those of our members. It has driven and vision to translate these values ​​into a government that serves the British people.

Rishi Sunak notes that as finance minister he has led Britain through the pandemic and provided several major support packages.

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– People know my advantages. It helped get through a very difficult period in Britain in recent years, he says.

In bad times we need someone with experience to do that and that’s what I offer.

Liz Truss has a chance to become Britain’s next prime minister.

‘positive campaign’

Liz Truss is pleased with the result – and is looking forward to just over six weeks into the campaign.

I’m the one who can walk into 10 Downing Street, get to work right away and get things done. This is what my colleagues voted for and what I want to give to Conservative members across the country, according to the BBC.

On Wednesday, Labor leader Keir Starmer pointed to divisions within the Conservative Party in recent weeks’ campaign as Truss and Sunak clashed with each other, among others.

“I am fully focused on a positive campaign as I present my proposals,” Truss says.

He wants to cut taxes

Among other things, Truss wants to cut taxes, while Sunak first wants to get rid of the British economy before introducing any tax cuts. Truss is seen as a clearer successor to Boris Johnson’s policies, and Johnson on Wednesday urged fellow party members to continue cutting taxes, which many interpret as support for Truss.

Sunak’s resignation as Chancellor of the Exchequer two weeks ago marked the beginning of Boris Johnson’s downfall.

Ahead of Wednesday’s vote, Liz Truss wrote who was the favorite of British gaming companies to become the next prime minister financial times.

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