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Positive message from Trey Croner's captain after the blow: "I feel better"

Positive message from Trey Croner’s captain after the blow: “I feel better”

Henrik Domernes was sent off just one minute in the win over Great Britain.
Now Trey Croner’s captain says he will play and look forward to Sunday’s win.
– We have a tough match against Slovakia, but we have already shown that we have played better against the best countries in the group, so it is important to find the energy, recharge and take this back to seven games because we need all the points, says the team captain.

In the match against Great Britain, Dummerness left the ice and went straight into the locker room after a blow to the top of the body.

When Trey Croner had already lost Nils Lundquist due to injury, there may have been many who had suffocation.

However, the team captain returned to the match, and on Saturday, positive news came from the mountains ahead of Sunday’s match against Slovakia.

– I feel good and will play tomorrow. I got a room in the upper body, with only a minute left for that time, so it’s good to go inside and check if everything is OK, he says.

The game against Great Britain, which ended in a 4-1 victory, was the first of three matches that would have forced Trey Croner to have a chance at the playoffs.

The fact that victory and three points are important is not something that sticks under the Dummerness chair.

– Of course this is a very important success, we got it with us yesterday. I think we have a good match despite a difficult start as they get their goal, but now we are back in the tournament, we have two matches to take the maximum points, and that’s enough to take us to the playoffs, he says.

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Slovakia lost 1-8 to Switzerland in Sunday’s match.

But Trey Kroner doesn’t pay much attention to how it went to the enemy. They are more interested in how the opponents played than whether they scored points or not.

At the same time they keep track of the two big stars of the team.

– First, about what we need to do. When we play according to our game idea, when everyone does what we say, we know we are a good team and we have shown it. So it is important to wake it up in 60 minutes. Domernes says and continues that there are some talented players in Slovakia, especially Hrvik and Sehlarik who are recognized from the Swedish league, who are talented and excellent in the power play:

– They take the lead, they have shown it, but there’s a lot about what we can achieve, and if we can create a good match in 60 minutes, we have a good chance of winning, says Mountain.

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Domernes also thinks he knows how the Swedish national team should behave to prevent both of them from playing at Lexand last winter.

– Above all, adherence to discipline means they are adept at power play. But as always, it’s important to stay close to the best players and get good home runs and deploy where we can put as much pressure as we can, but accept that otherwise they could be a lot of buck, but we’ve strong in the middle, he says.

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For the 30-year-old mountaineer, this is his first time participating in the World Cup.

After 37 points from 44 games in the league for Geneva-Servet, they had 12 points from 11 games in the playoffs, so the form was good when Hill joined the national team.

In five opening World Cup matches, Mountain has four points and was thus appointed captain.

– Initially it was up and down, but you got better with each match as you entered it. For my part, it’s good. In PowerPlay, we create a lot of methods, but we don’t really put them there, so this is the last thing you want to achieve. Otherwise, it’s good, he says about his own efforts.