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Sweden must be forced back – this applies

Swedish cheers again?  Bar Lindholm cheered following one of Sweden's goals in the 3-1 win over Slovakia last night.  Will there be new cheers against dream opponent Russia?

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Swedish cheers again? Bar Lindholm cheered following one of Sweden’s goals in the 3-1 win over Slovakia last night. Will there be new cheers against dream opponent Russia?

Competitive matches are like sticks in a mountain for Trey Kroner.

Britain immigrated, and so did Slovakia.

Now a Swedish victory against the Russian team is also needed.

Then, perhaps, it will be the quarterfinals for Sweden in the Ice Hockey World Cup.

What: Ice Hockey World Cup, Group A.

Where: Olympic Sports Center, Riga.

When: Monday 19.15pm.

TV / Radio: SVD2 and SVD Play / Radiosporten.

Team results so far, Russia: Czech Republic 4–3, Great Britain 7–1, Slovakia 1–3, Denmark 3–0, Switzerland 4–1. Sweden: Denmark 3–4, Belarus 0–1, Switzerland 7–0, Czech Republic 2–4, Great Britain 4–1, Slovakia 3–1.

Russian reinforcements: The already strong Russian team receives additional NHL reinforcements for the match against Sweden. It is Washington’s defender Dmitry Orlov and forward star and goal spotter Vladimir Taranseko, who runs the first World Cup in St. Louis, writes Russian Sport-Express. Also, Michael Grigorenko, the buffalo, has returned from injury. He has scored two goals and four points in two World Cups so far. Florida goalkeeper Sergei Poprovsky is also in Riga, but he will not be ready to play until next weekend.

Dream meeting: Russia has been a Swedish dream opponent in recent years. In championship contexts (WC and Olympic), Sweden have won just one of their last 14 matches, 3-1 at WC in 2018 in Copenhagen. Otherwise, there have been twelve Russian wins and one draw since 2005. Russia need a point to advance to the playoffs.

Injury situation: Forward Mario Kempe went out after a blow against Slovakia last night and was replaced by Dennis Rasmussen. Question against Kempe Russia. Hill Nills Lundquist and forward Carl Klingberg have already been ruled out of the rest of the World Cup due to injuries.


Goalkeepers: 31 Alexander Zamonov (60 Ivan Podzarov)

Baker: 4 Vladislav Kavrykov, 9 Ivan Provorov, 16 Nikita Sadorov 27 Igor Osjikanov, 87 Ruszan Rabikov, 89 Nikita Nestorov, 98 Grigorij Tronov, Dmitry Orlov.

Forward: 8 Ivan Morozov, 10 Sergei Toldjinskiz, 11 Dmitry Voronkov, 15 Pavel Karnakov, 25 Michael Grigorenko, 37 Zvkenez Timkin, 57 Artem Zvets-Rokov, 78 Anton Slebden, Tarasenko.

Arlov and Tarachenko have not yet been officially registered, so there are no shirt numbers.

Extras: 2 Artium Soup, 21 Konstantin Okulov, 96 Andrzej Kuzmenko.

Three crowns

Goalkeepers: 39 Adam Reidborn, 30 Victor Fast, 33 Samuel Erson.

Back pair: 7 Henrik Domernes, 32 Magnus Nikren – 3 Glass Dolbeck, 23 Jasper Selgren – 20 Lawrence Pilate, 64 Jonathan Budas – 50 Victor Lev.

Chains: 24 Oscar Lindberg, 17 Bar Lindom, 67 Ricard Rachel – 19 Marcus Sorensen, 9 Adrian Kembe, 29 Mario Kempe / 70 Dennis Rasmussen – 51 Philip Hollander, 37 Isaac Lundestrom, 68 Victor Oloferson – 40, Jr. 12 Max Freiberg.

Additional players: 34 Albert Johansson, 15 Pontus Holberg.

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